Monday, May 16, 2011

Tauira - Kowhiti Whakapae, NZ (2011)

The rolled sides of this tauira/sampler or wall hanging, introduces a three dimensional element somewhat reminiscent of a partly unfurled document.  

Influenced by the Maunganui Bluff north of Dargaville where I have visited a number of times, the image described below continually came to me for a number of months and determined the direction this weaving took.

Michelle Mayn
Materials: Harakeke/NZ Flax (Phormium Tenax)
Commercial Dye and Plain Boiled

On the south side of Maunganui Bluff there is a place where there are three single trees, close to the cliff edge which seem to stand as guardians to the forest just beyond.  The bluff juts out into the Tasman Sea and the sea, sky, wind, land and forest all meet, the power and energy is physically tangible.  

The image was standing at this place, the forest behind, the sea stretching out on all sides, facing into the wind, a clear sky above.  The feeling; I have clarity, I know what is required, I have the strength needed to act.

The Kowhiti Whakapae pattern of the tauira reflects this place of meeting points. A feminine energy comes through with the choice of colour, the weaving and the choice of harakeke (NZ Flax) as a natural materials sourced from the whenua/land.  The rolled edge provides strength to the finished piece and it has a suggestion of two legs standing strong, like the guardian trees.  

The meaning for me as the artist is: 
                                 As a women                                              
                                        I can stand in strength, 
                                                    for what is right, 
                                                         regardless of the outcome

Maunganui Bluff

The Bluff rises 460 metres from the sea below and comprises a 495 hectare scenic reserve, one of the few examples of dense coastal forest remaining in Northland.  Located on the Aranga Coast Road, 40 kms north of Dargaville. 

For more details of this area visit:

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