Saturday, March 23, 2013

Two Corner Kete - Perth, WA (2013)

Materials: Seaweed, Parakeet Feather, Seed Pod

Continuation of the variations possible in weaving a two corner kete, this is woven with fine seaweed found of City Beach and finished with a simple whiri lock off.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Murray Walker - Melbourne Artist

Walker, whose work is in art collections all over Australia, is a youthful 76 and a bit of a rare beast himself. He created what he calls the Academy of the Found Object, described by Scott Livesey Galleries as a collection of ''common objects which have been flattened, ripped, sawn or otherwise mutilated and cast off - seemingly of little value to anyone except an artist with Walker's maverick eye''. In 1978 he held an exhibition of such bric-a-brac at the National Gallery of Victoria, leading to one critic dubbing him the ''rag and bone man of Australian art''.

Like Sir John Soanes brilliant illusionism in the way he created the lighting of his collection using natural light, oil burners and candles, way before the invention of electricity, Murray Walkers brilliance lies in creating a sense of illusionism in his art, the way a found object, a memento, becomes something else, transformed by the artists eye and hand.  As he told the late Gary Catalano in 1997, I want to create something from my own experience, which for me is Australia.  Im very much a person who works from observation and experience, from what I sense and feel whether its rural life and bushwalking or cafes and dives. Im not a person who seizes style from  

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe (Perth, WA) March 2013
Veronica Herber - Slowness Shifting V

Helping to install Veronica Herbers' slowness shifting V at Cottesloe Beach in Perth (Western Australia) was such a great experience.   

These rocks jut out into the sea so attaching the masking tape with the salt, sand, spray and heat in just three days was a challenge and working with Veronica and Regina made it lots of fun.    

Veronica's intention to have "no distinct pattern" in the layout of the tape was an interesting contradiction for me where raranga/maori weaving is so much about working in patterns.  

Veronica Herber is an installation artist based in Auckland. New Zealand.  She works in a variety of media but mainly masking tape.  

"Over time I have developed a masking tape webbing that has qualities of camouflage and the ability to shapeshift its way from surface to surface transforming spaces and ultimately itself."

Check out her website to see more of her work at Veronica

Regina (from Germany) and I