Sunday, June 9, 2013

White & Stone Kete - Retro Series NYC (2013)

A purse inspired by a Christian Dior necklace of my mothers.  

White & Stone Purse
Materials: PVC Webbing, Cut Glass Bead, Quartz Stone, Moonstone Pieces
Handle: Clear Plastic four-ply plaited handle
Dimensions: 5 ½” (h) x 8 ½” (w) x 3 ¼” (d)
140mm(h) x 215mm(w) x 85mm(d)
Collection of the artist
Woven using traditional kete whakairo (basket decorated with pattern) technique with a whakatutu pattern (upward twill).  

Materials were sourced locally. White quartz. moonstone and cut glass beads, along with the reflective quality of the clear plastic plaited handle, highlight the pure whiteness of the PVC webbing creating a luminescent kete.

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