Saturday, August 31, 2013

Treasure Pouch & Kete

This Treasure Pouch, which closes with a finely woven flap, has natural golden hues often seen in unboiled New Zealand flax/harakeke. The fine, 2mm weaving strips, lends an old world feel to both of these pieces.

Inside there is a draw string of muka, the fibre that is extracted from the leaves of the flax bush,  with a decorative tag of white and grey rooster feathers.

Treasure Pouch
Materials: Unboiled New Zealand Flaz/Harakeke (Phormium Tenax), Muka fibre and Rooster Feather 
Dimensions: 170 W x 145 H x 75 D
Price: $125 SOLD

The Kete Whakapuareare is woven with with rows of decorative openings.  In some areas of New Zealand the diving kete called kawhiu has similar openings to the decorative openings of the kete whakapuareare.  (Pendergrast, 1984)

Kete Whakapuareare
Materials: Unboiled New Zealand Flax/Harakeke (Phormium Tenax)
Dimensions: 300 W x 160 H x 45 D
Handle: Double, three ply plaited handle
Price $365

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