Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Muka Kete Peacock - 2013

This Muka Kete is a fusion of traditional Maori weaving techniques and a Victorian style crotchet purse using emerald green peacock feathers, a species of bird introduced to New Zealand in the 1840's.

Materials: Muka fibre, Peacock Feather, Copper detail
Dimensions: 300  W x 200 H x 85 D mm
Price: $1,380

This kete has been made in the traditional Maori finger weaving technique called whatu with fibre/muka from the New Zealand flax plant (harakeke).  Once the fibre has been exposed from the leaf, 20 to 25 strands have been hand-rolled on the leg to create a twine. The fibre has then been dyed black. 

Three to four peacock feathers have been attached at every second strip called whenu.  Additional rolled muka has been added on the final row before finishing with a mawhititwhiti detail at the top of the bag. 

Draw strings pull the bag closed and the handle can be adjusted to the length of a shoulder bag.