Thursday, October 3, 2013

Piupiu Cross & Kete

The Greek Cross is frequently a representation of the world into four elements (Chevalier, 1997) or cardinal points, with the concept of divinity represented in the vertical line, and the world in the horizontal line (Koch 1955).  

The cross is a symbol frequently seen in New Zealand art.  In this piece the feather represents the connection to the divine, many cultures use feathers as an esteemed decorative element, one reason is the ability of birds to fly in the heavens with the gods.   I frequently use stones to 'ground' my weaving, often the stone will relate to a special place in New Zealand, here the stones represents the link to the land, the world.

Piupiu Cross
Materials: New Zealand Flax/Harakeke (Phormium Tenax) and commercial dye. Copper detail, stone and feather
Dimensions: 70mm W x 250mm H
Price $99

Two Corner Kete

Materials: New Zealand Flax/Harakeke (Phormium Tenax) and commercial dye. Copper, Paua and stone
Handle: Three ply plaited handle finished with Copper detail.
Dimension approximately: 155mm W x 85mm H  x 70mm D
Price $99

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