Saturday, August 30, 2014

Modern Muka - July 2014

Polyurethane coated fibre from Italy and steel mesh are woven onto a traditional base of muka fibre.   The fibre has been woven by hand into a small ‘sampler’ panel using a traditional method developed by Māori to make garments called whatu aho rua (two-pair weft twining).

Materials: Muka Fibre, Jute, Steel Mesh
Polyurethane Coated Cotton

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Piupiu Necklace 

Piupiu is usually made from flax leaves that are carefully prepared with the muka or flax fibre exposed at one end for joining onto a band and in sections to create geometric patterns on the garment. The unscraped leaves curl naturally into tubes as they dry.   On this piece I have substituted copper detailing to create a pattern and added feather and crystal decorative details. 

Piupiu (Dried and Rolled Harakeke)
Copper Detail, Smoky Quartz and Feather