Sunday, September 21, 2014

New York Bling - Aug 2014
A mix of graffiti art and New York fashion bling, built upon a traditional New Zealand textile.

The foundation is made from fine, silky muka (flax fibre) extracted from the NZ flax bush (Phormium Tenax) known as harakeke, using the traditional method of scraping the blade with a mussell shell.  The fibre is then rolled on the leg, a process called miro, to create the warp and weft elements. 

The fibre is next woven by hand into a ‘sampler’ panel using a finger weaving method developed by Māori to make garments called whatu aho rua (two-pair weft twining).   Decorative elements are steel mesh, feather and swarovski crystal.

Materials: Muka Fibre, Feather, Steel Mesh
Acrylic and Swarovski Crystal

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