Friday, July 17, 2015

Code Gala - July 2015

a response to the poem 'tissue'
by Kelly Malone

'I cry most days viscose lines of streaming tissue'

From the original poem 
Every day I cry viscous tears of streaming lines

Streaming Tears…..
The scroll like weaving responds to both the black and white visual of the ‘morse code’ and the deciphered message of the poem.

To respond to the ‘black and white’ printed code the body of the work is woven from muka extracted from the Taapoto variety of NZ Flax/Harakeke, a variety that is favoured by Hawkes Bay Maori for it’s strong, shiny, white fibre.  Black muka threads follow the sequence of ‘dots and dashes’, creating a tactile braille like interpretation of the morse code that continues the distortion of words to another sense – no longer transmitted through sound but by touch. 

The hand-woven textile and small scale of the ‘garment’ is reminiscint of the miniature cloaks found in Peruvian funeral offerings, the black thread becomes not just a visual response to a black and white printed page but indicitve of the colour of grief and loss to create a miniature cloak of mourning.  

The black lines of ‘streaming tears’ runs along the pale white threads like water running down a pane of glass, ending in copper-beaded tear drops where the poem is now ‘de-coded’.

Materials: Muka (NZ flax fibre), Dried Harakeke (Phormium Tenax), copper, wood & glass beads
Dimensions:  150 x 160mm

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