Friday, October 30, 2015

World of Wearable Art 2015 - Aotearoa Section 
Now in its 28th year, the WOW Awards is a world-renowned competition for which designers create works of art to be worn on the human form. The competition culminates in the Awards Show, an extravagant theatrical event showcasing the finalists’ garments. New Show Directors Mike Mizrahi and Marie Adams will lead the creative production of this year’s three-week show season (24 September -11 October) in Wellington."

Cloak of Light, Michelle Mayn, New Zealand

Photo Credit: World of Wearable Art Ltd

"Imagine yourself surrounded by a protective white light".....

The ‘Cloak of Light’ was made to offer symbolic protection to the wearer and was inspired by the true story of Ruhia’s Cloak – a life spared’ which recalls a dramatic encounter between early European settlers and Māori in Wellington where Ruhia Pōrutu, a Māori woman of high status, throws her kaitaka (fine flax cloak) over an immigrant, a young orphan called Thomas McKenzie after he unknowingly commits tapu, thereby saving his life.  They went on to form a life-long friendship and when he died in 1911, the kaitaka was placed over his casket.

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