Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Shimmer - Weaving Dark to Light
Village Arts Gallery, Kohukohu, Hokianga

Highlights from the show....

Opening day, a special start to the show with special thanks to friends and family who travelled from Auckland and Kerikeri, the weavers from Pa te Aroha and Waiheke and of course all the special friends and visitors from around the Hokianga.....

 ( Photo courtesy of Lindsay Davidson)
(Photo courtesy of Lindsay Davidson)

(Photo courtesy of Lindsay Davidson) 

(Photo courtesy of Lindsay Davidson)

Grateful assistance with the curation of the show goes to Maureen Lander (installations), Marg Morrow, Linda Montgomery and Lindsay Antrobus Evans....

Play of Light (foreground): Harakeke (NZ Flax), copper pipe
Tauira Series (background): Muka (Flax fibre) and assorted media


Untitled Cape (foreground): Harakeke (NZ Flax), stainless steel mesh, peacock feather, polyurethane coated thread
Cloak of Light (background): Harakeke (NZ Flax), Raffia, Polyethylene

Photo courtesy of Rhys Evans

 Belonging (left) and Four Corner Kept

Knotted Net - Copper Mesh, silver, crystals, river stones and muka (flax fibre) 

"I want to be a little fish caught in this net!"

Photo courtesy of Rhys Evans

Hinaki Maquette - Copper Mesh, copper wire and crystals

"This body of work knocked my socks off! To master and use traditional skills in utterly inventive & creative ways . . . yet still respectful, even humble, to the history and origins of the knowledge. I needed a box of tissues! This is a lot more than an art exhibition!"

"The exhibition is truly superb, both in the work and the staging. The crafting is exquisite in detail, design and finish. 
The use of harakek (flax) is a common thread, used in traditional Maori style or innovatively in conjunction with other materials." 
Robin Shepherd   

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