Sunday, September 16, 2018

X-Marks: Conversations in Cloth

9th September to 9th December 2018
Te Kōngahu Museum of Waitangi

Bay of Islands

.....Vivien Caughley, Makareta Jahnke, Maureen Lander, Toi TeRito – Maihi and Dude Beatson, Michelle Mayn, Jo Torr and participating artists.  An exhibition responding to research by Vivien Caughley and “Oreo’s Sampler”.   This exhibition explores some of the earliest bicultural exchanges between Maori and Pakeha through the medium of textiles and the relationships established, principally by women, and the shared stories between local iwi, Church Missionary Society mission families and others in the Bay of Islands.

This work 'Unfoldment' responds to Vivien's research "Jane Kendall and the Legacy of Silence" 

Exploring the “Legacy of Silence” left by Jane Kendall unfolds veiled imaginings of her life interspersed with a glimpse here and there of tangible historical records.

The work ‘Unfoldment’ imagines the stitches that may have emerged from Jane’s journey into a new world through her interactions with Maori women.  The repetitive finger weaving, twining, binding and stitching is a physical enactment of time and a tangible record no less meaningful because of the absence of words.  It explores the veiled space between known, unknown, imagined, recorded, physical, spiritual.   Feathers and stitches guide us through the recorded events of Jane’s life; marriage, births, deaths, arrivals, departures, creating a sense of an unfolding lifetime in the ‘unwritten’ pages.

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