Friday, November 22, 2019

Tatai Whenua - Sailing Under the Same Stars
Waiheke Community Art Gallery ~Te Whare Taonga o Waiheke
22 November to 15 December 2019

Untitled Cape (2016)
Medium: Harakeke (NZ Flax), stainless steel mesh, peacock feather, unknown feather, muka, acrylic coated fibre, polymer fabric adhesive    

Abundance II – Te Aro-nui (2019)    
Medium: Harakeke (NZ Flax), pingao, gold leaf (Imitation), harakeke seeds, muka and riverstone  


Side Gallery...

 Anton Forde - He Hiinaatore o Ngaa Toroa

Monday, September 30, 2019

28th Annual Wallace Art Awards 2019

Finalist in the 28th Annual Wallace Art Awards 2019

Harakeke Rope (Ongoing since 2019)
Gathered during annual harvests from 2011 to 2019 from Pa Harakeke, Te Noho Kotahitanga - Unitec (Tamaki Makaurau/Auckland), Pa te Aroha (Whirinaki), Piritahi (Waiheke Island), Auckland Botanic Gardens and o Te Iwi, Waitakere. Fibre extracted from harakeke leaf blade by scraping with mussel shell.  Harakeke rib and outer leaf blade flax fibre stripped.

Hand-worked rope, suspended from muka to harakeke mass.

250 metres approximately, pegged - and ongoing throughout the exhibition

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Of Journeys Between Two Places

Studio One - Toi Tu
1 Ponsonby Road

Opening - Thursday 11th July
Open to 8th August

A small solo show of delicate works, made during travels between the Hokianga, Aotearoa (NZ) and Manahatta (Manhattan), New York. Each work combines harakeke fibre with found and fossicked materials using processes of weaving, binding, twining and knotting that stem from a practice of Maori weaving. These processes are then interpreted through an installation that responds to the space of Toi Tu, while retaining exquisite attention to detail and the essence of the material.

Photo Courtesy of Toi Tu

BREAKING POINT II (Installation 2019): Muka aho/thread (NZ Flax fibre), 
pokinikini tags, hand-whittled dowel: 3700 W x 1550-1830 H x 40 D mm

Photo Courtesy of Toi Tu

Photo Courtesy of Toi Tu

A STUDY IN MINK (2016): Mink fur, harakeke/NZ Flax, copper wire, 
diamant√© and glass beads: 380 W x 280 H x 255 D mm

Photo Courtesy of Toi Tu

HOKIANGA MNEMONIC (2019):  Muka (NZ Flax fibre), nylon mesh bag, stones, fish bone, 
White Heron feather (found) and cable part: 300 W x Ceiling Height (variable) x 150 D mm

Photo Credit: Judith Hoek

TWO TAUIRA - WHIRINAKI (2018-2019):  Muka (NZ Flax fibre), driftwood, 
White Heron feathers (found), screw, steel pins tacks and copper rod: 413 W x 470 H x 420 D mm

Photo Courtesy of Toi Tu

(RIGHT) TAUIRA VIII - BLACK ON WHITE (2017): Muka (NZ Flax fibre), wood, driftwood, 
paper, acrylic, gold leaf (imitation) and gesso: 186 W x 325 H x 45 D mm

(LEFT)   LIGHT ON BLACK (2016): reflective thread, polyurethane coated thread,
wood, driftwood, balsa wood, wire and acrylic190 W x 335 H x 25 D mm

BREAKING POINT (2017-2019): Wood, bamboo, copper wire, cotton, acrylic, muka fibre, hemp, 
wooden charm, Swarovski crystal, glass bead, wax medium nylon : 415  W x 450 H x 35 D mm

Photo Courtesy of Toi Tu

MAQUETTE II (2017): Harakeke (NZ Flax fibre), pokinikini, copper, driftwood, wood, hemp fibre, copper cable, 
acrylic coated thread, wooden beads, acrylic and gold leaf (imitation) : 280  W x 920 H x 45 D mm

Photo Courtesy of Toi Tu

(RIGHT)  MANAHATTA (2016): Muka (NZ flax fibre), driftwood, 
found thread, copper, acrylic : 180  W x 315 H x 25 D mm

(LEFT)  LINEAGE (2016-2019): Muka (NZ flax fibre),  Driftwood, Balsa wood, copper wire, 
found steel wire (rusted), bark, charm, found thread, Swarovski crystal, tack: 200  W x 295 H x 35 D mm