Through durational processes and time spent with the natural world, Michelle Mayn combines harakeke fibre with found materials using processes of weaving, binding, twining, and knotting that stem from a practice of Maori weaving.  Mayn's process-based practice places primacy on materials and the actions or events of making.  Through detailed manual processes and durational techniques, material, light, form and movement are combined to create ephemeral object-based installations and sculptures that explore the mauri (life force) of materials beyond the world of sense perception.

Mayn was born in Auckland in Aotearoa, New Zealand and studied Traditional and Contemporary Maori Weaving at Unitec in 2011 and mixed media at The Art Students League of New York in 2017.  Mayn has exhibited in New Zealand and the United States since 2010 and is currently completing a MVA at Auckland University of Technology.

Born 1963, Takapuna, North Shore City, Auckland, Aotearoa/New Zealand

Key Achievements
2019    Completion of MVA, AUT Auckland University of Technology
2018    Completion of Post Graduate Degree, AUT Auckland University of Technology
2017    Solo exhibition and artist talk ‘Shimmer, Weaving Dark to Light’, Village Arts Gallery, Hokianga, Northland
2016    Accepted for tutelage and studied under Bruce Dorfman and Mariano del Rosario at Art Students League of New York
2015    Solo exhibition ‘Decoded: Exploring traditional weaving in a contemporary context’, (Northart, Auckland)
2015    Finalist in World of Wearable Art (Wellington)
2015    Invited to exhibit in ‘Strands’, Weaving a new fabric, curated by Doris de Pont (Objectspace, Auckland)
2015    Selected to exhibit in Small Expressions, Handweavers Guild of America, (Minnesota, USA)
2015    Awarded Edith Whiteman Award, Small Expressions, (USA)
2011    Invited to participate in ‘Interlocked’ (Northart Gallery, Auckland)

2018 to 2019 AUT Auckland University of Technology, Masters of Visual Art
2018    AUT Auckland University of Technology, Post Graduate Diploma in Visual Art
2016 to 2017   Art Students League of New York, Mixed Media, New York City, USA
2011    Traditional and Contemporary Maori Weaving, Unitec School of Art & Design, Auckland, NZ

Solo Exhibitions
2019    Of Journeys Between Two Places, Studio One - Toi Tū, Auckland
2017    Shimmer, Weaving Dark to Light, Village Arts Gallery, Hokianga, Northland
2015    Decoded: Exploring traditional weaving in a contemporary context, Northart, Auckland

2019    Wawata - Pā Te Aroha Weavers, Village Arts, Northland
2019    X-Marks: Conversations in Cloth, Northart, Auckland
2019    Matariki Postgraduate Exhibition: St Paul Street Gallery, AUT, Auckland
2019    Sea Conversations, Waiheke Community Art Gallery, Waiheke Island, Auckland
2019    The Barrel Store Project: Corban Estate Arts Centre, Auckland
2018    Rubbish 2: Village Arts, Kohukohu, Northland
2018    Unbound: the exhibition, Dunedin School of Art Gallery, Dunedin
2018    X-Marks: Conversations in Cloth, Te Kōngahu Museum of Waitangi, Bay of Islands
2018    PostPILOT: ‘A Light Reflection’ – St Paul Street Gallery III, Auckland CBD
2018    GRiD; Waiheke Community Art Gallery, Waiheke Island, Auckland
2017    Make Yourself at Home, Village Arts, Northland (curated by Heiwari Johnson)
2016    Student Concours, Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery, New York City, USA
2015    Strands, Weaving a new fabric, Objectspace, (curated by Doris de Pont, [catalogue])
2015    Code Gala, Rannoch House, James Wallace Residence, Auckland
2015    Small Expressions, HGA, Textile Centre, Minnesotta, USA
2015    Rubbish, Village Arts, Kohukohu, Northland
2010 to 2014   Various group shows, Northart Gallery, Auckland

2015    Finalist - World of Wearable Art
2015    Edith Whiteman Award, Small Expressions, HGA Handweavers Guild of America

2014 - Artists Residency, Wharepuke, Kerikeri, Northland

Publications featured in:

Michelle Mayn, ‘Observations and reflections on agency, mauri and tikanga Maori in contemporary art practice’, Context: Dress, Fashion, Textiles, Issue 37, Summer 2018/19, pg.76-89
Cait McLennan Whyte, From Here to There, Fabricate, Issue 4, Winter 2017
Mark Amery, On The Edges: Hokianga (part two), The Big Idea, 12 July 2017
Robin Shepherd, “You will not see better than this” Northland Age, 30 March 2017
Suzanne P. MacAulay, Ph.D,  “Winds of Change: Maori Samplers and the Colonial Ethos” presented at the Textile Society of America’s 15th Biennial Symposium, Crosscurrents: Land, Labor and the Port, Savannah, Georgia, USA, October 19-23, 2016.
Doris de Pont, ‘STRANDS: Weaving a New Fabric’, Object Space Extended catalogue, Oct 2015
Leigh Bramwell, “These Northland women are ... WOW!” Savvy Our People; 15 Sept 2015,
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