Kete and Bags

Traditional techniques, patterns and fibres.....modern, urban components.  

Individually crafted from New Zealand flax/harakeke using traditional weaving techniques and designs.  Meticulous finishing, internal lining and modern fittings all combine to make a modern kete suitable for any occassion.

The fibre
New Zealand flax/harakeke (Phormium Tenax) is an abundant source of fibre for weavers in New Zealand. One of our most distinctive native plants, it is the principal weaving plant, and many weavers use named forms selected for leaf pliability, colour and fibre quality (Landcare Research/Manaaki Whenua).

Kete Satchel

A simple geometric pattern combined with a modern webbing handle and fittings for an urban satchel.

Matt black, jute lining with internal pocket, adjustable webbing strap and magnetic closure.

Materials: NZ Flax/Harakeke plain and dyed
Pattern: Takitahi
Dimensions: 350 H x 250 W x 115 D mm

Kete Handbag

The three dimensional qualities of raranga (plaiting) give a sculptural shape to this kete.  

Finely plaited three ply handle with brass detail add a delicate
yet functional touch. Cotton lining with internal pocket and magnetic clasp.  Handcrafted glass detail. 

Materials: NZ Flax/Harakeke plain and dyed Mint Green
Pattern: Papakirango
Dimensions: 390 W x 190 H x 120 D mm

Kete Evening Bag

The classic shape and visually stunning traditional pattern creates a stylish shoulder bag.  

Linen lining with internal pocket and magnetic clasp.  Finished with a four ply plaited muka handle.

Materials: NZ Flax/Harakeke plain and dyed 
Pattern: Koeaea
Dimensions: 280 W x 160 H x 90 D mm

Kete Clutch 

European inspired clutch - feathers add a whimsical and playful touch for a fun evening out on the town. 

Cotton lining with brass flower clasp.

Materials: Dyed NZ Flax/Harakeke and feather boa
Pattern: Whakatutu
Dimensions: 220 W x 155 H x 90 D mm 

Kete Whakairo - Traditional
A very traditional style of kete, the koowhiti whakapae pattern shifts from vertical to horizontal creating a visually strong piece. Four ply woven muka handle

Materials: Harakeke plain boiled and dyed
Pattern: Koowhiti Whakapae
Dimensions: 415 W x 200 H x 55 D mm

Kete Whakairo - Papaka (2011)

Pāpaka pattern (Pendergrast, 1984). Finished with a serrated edge known as whakakitaratara (Te Rangi Hiroa, 1923) with a whiri (braid) on the inside and a four ply plaited handle.

Kete Whakairto - Whakakitaratara (Below)
Materials: Harakeke plain boiled and dyed
Pattern: Paapaka

Kete Whakairo
Materials: Harakeke plain boiled and dyed
Pattern: Paapaka
Dimensions: 415 x 190 x 70mm
Price: SOLD

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  1. Absolutely Beautiful! Hard to decide which one I'll get first. Wonderful finishing & patterns from someone who truly knows their craft.