Woven Nets & Hinaki/Eel Traps

Nets & Hinaki
‘Hinaki Maquette’ (2016) 

Materials: Copper mesh, copper wire, swarovski crystals
Made of stripped and knotted copper mesh and woven copper wire the Hinaki Maquette is an initial exploration that combines the fluidity of the net with a structure to create shape and form.

‘Knotted Net’ (2016)
Materials: Copper mesh, muka (NZ Flax fibre), silver wire, glass beads, crystals and riverstones.
Dimensions: 2m x 2m approximately 

Based on illustration and description by Te Rangi Hiroa, The Maori Craft of Netting (1926)

'Untitled (Cape)’ (2016) 
Materials: Harakeke/NZ flax and flax fibre, stainless steel mesh, peacock feathers, acrylic coated fibre. 
Dimensions: 1.6m x 2m
Based on a Maori plaiting pattern known by some as kupenga illustrated by Mick Pendergrast in Raranga Whakairo: Maori plaiting patterns (1984).   


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